What Causes These Papules? An STD??

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manHaving penile papules can be very disturbing to men because they dont know how they got them or even worse yet how they can get rid of them. Our expert hopes to uncover some of these common questions and how to help men who suffer from this condition.

Penile papules have been a source of great discomfort to many men. The fact that they attack the penis makes them often mistaken for a sexually transmitted disease. For many men, having pearly penile papules means your sex life has gone down the drain, this condition has caused many men sleepless night agonizing about how to get rid of them.

But wait, how do you know you have  penile papules?

The diagnosis is simple and most people can actually be able to know they are suffering from this condition. Pearly papules do not come with any set of symptoms as other infections may do. They can be easily seen and diagnosed by their clinical appearance; a ring of closely clustered lumps around the neck part of the penis is enough proof. They are not genital warts.

With pearly penile papules, no medical tests are required, however they can be clearly be seen and show a typical appearance under dermatoscope. Just a careful observation of your penis should provide an insight into whether you are suffering from penile papules.

what causes pearly penile papules?

This is the most common question that is on the minds of many. A number of theories have been suggested from poor hygiene to unprotected sexual intercourse. However since we have established that this infection is not an STD puts to rest the theory of STD infection.

The most dependable explanation that researchers have come up with is that they are caused by grease or sweat glands getting blocked. Blocking of the glands always will cause an accumulation of sweat that may cause the grease gland to become enlarged, this is most likely to happen at the penis shaft. This blockage of glands often causes lumps which are full of creamy substance causing the whitish appearance of the pearly penile papules.

The most important point to note is that PPPs are not transmitted sexually, are harmless but have a great negative impact on one’s social life. You don’t have to persevere with them, they can be treated.

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